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It all started 2 years ago when friends started asking me to create custom jewelry for them to wear or to give away, as presents to others! That expanded quickly and started making more and more for others, ending up starting to sell my jewelry creations!

I have always been into creating jewelry, mainly for my own personal use, never thought that I would do that as a profession and start my own brand at some point!

Started with putting beads together, learning how to create different techniques of wiring, and ending up designing and creating all the jewelry. Of course I do not smelt of create by hand, all of the jewels, still I work on all of my ideas with my team and produce them in with various materials through leaser cutter machines and smelters!

I have included a link on the homepage about all the inspirations and meanings of the jewelry in case any one would be interested to know what they are all about!

Mainly I have been inspired for the jewel creations through my lifestyle, that I have been into since 15 years old, which mainly was music (metal, punk rock and different types of rock) and later on at the age of 17 I had my first tattoo where after that there was no going back!!Always looking around for artists and join tattoo conventions to watch art and meet people!

Now days I got to them as a trader too which is really good fun and an awesome environment to be in selling my jewels!!

That is mainly what KiraDonJewel is about and hope to expand and travel the world selling jewelry meeting cool people, attending gigs and keep working with cool artists on projects making more jewels!!!