I am incredibly honoured to have been asked to write for you all. As a brand ambassador for Kira don jewel I have felt a amazing sense of support , family and friendship. As this is my first piece writing for you guys and you will be hearing a lot more from me I thought the best way to get off on the right foot is an introduction, I was always told first impressions always last and I hope to make a good one. I am Bianca, AKA Dolce Onyx. I hail from the land Down under, more specifically Sydney.

( photo credit Gaving Creative)


I am a model but that is not all there is to me. I like loads of stuff and things or things and stuff. Fluffy stuff, scary stuff, shiny and glittery stuff, scary stuff, things that go meow, woof, oink and squeak, I am scared of things that hiss, last but not least and probably the most obvious I like colourful things that make you say ouch. My aim with for my contribution blog to this show you what I like in this world, a bit of my own personal style as well as how to wear some of the most amazing jewellery , my adventures , of course some really bad ass tattoos and conventions. If you are lucky you may also meet my cat.


Stay beautiful, Dolce x