The Hoop earrings are here ladies!!!


Hoop earrings are the classic accessories that have been in style since the 1960s and especially at the 1970s where they created a big fashion movement back then.The ways on how to wear hoop earrings are endless and fascinating.

 They have made a major comeback since 2015 and they are one of the easiest and coolest accessory to wear because you can wear them pretty much with anything and fit them with any style!


So, we designed big hoop earring pairs, that you can wear as a statement to your outfit, and smaller sizes of hoop earrings that you can perfectly fit with any of your day or night outfits!

Suggest 1: Large 70mm long hoops can make a big statement to your outfit! You can show them off with a cool and simple hairstyle like, the half-bun hairstyle , a ponytail or even when you put your hair up and wrap a bandana around them for a total rockin look!! Bandanas and hoop earrings  always go with the classic black eyeliner, red lipstick, and your killer pin up /rockabilly outfits! 

Putting your hair up in any do is the best way to show them off and get all the attention to your face without putting any more thoughs on your daily outfit! 

Suggest 2: You can always wear them with a cool crop top, some loose pair of jeans and a wrap a scarf around your hair creating an easy and cool going look for your 



You can find amongst our jewellery designs, hoop earrings 70mm with plexiglass designs on them, silver hoops with siver brass designs on them, we have drop hoop earrings with brass & plexiglass designs in them, hoops with skulls and many more! Here are all the links for all of our hoop designs in our website!Enjoy