Kristina Micic talks about Kira Don Jewel

Kristina Micic talks about Kira Don Jewel

“You can count on me to find the best statement pieces of wearable jewellery from around the world and these cute items is just such a creation.

These are my earrings “Knuckle dusters hoop” and rings “sklipstick” (witch is my fave cuz I’m a makeup artist and huge fan of lipsticks), “makeheartbrush”, “tentacle” (in love with this design), and last but not least “knuckles”, all by the incredible woman from “kira don jewel”.

I wear them every single day, they are so delicate and easy to style it.

So proud of kiradonjewel’s and the progress of their growing collection.

If you are looking for some magic,intricately crafted jewellery I couldn’t recommend them enuf!!

So much love.

Keep up the amazing work angel,xoxo.”