We have been working with the amazing Amy Davies Photography aka ” Black Star Photography” and she produced these amazing images of our new jewels! Enjoy!


A must have in a rockin’s gal closet is a “faux leather jacket”! Perfect piece of clothing to combine and wear every day or every night! Rosie is killing it while posing in it matching few of our jewelry designs!

“Spider Webs” & “Roses”have always been inspiring us by being one of our favorite traditional, old school tattoo designs. So we produced the “We Roses” earrings. they come in silver color too and with a different ending to fit through your stretched ears!


Duster earrings, made of acrylic, are very easy to wear as they have a very light feel on your ears. They are tunnel friendly, and they come in 2 colors for you to choose!

Absolutely in love with Rosie’s chest tattoo, which couldn’t be s better spot for our “Skull Brush” necklace to be! We have a full “Beauty Collection” with matching and similar designs, if you into make up art!

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